M A R L O E .

A B O U T 

MARLOE.’s “Secrets” is a soul-baring, raw return from one of Australia’s most exciting pop talents. An elegant and heartfelt ballad, the track details being enveloped by a comforting, resilient relationship that feels right in every way. Or as MARLOE. herself explains “Secrets is about what it’s like to find home with someone”. The bruising track also reckons with the way in which we cling to small, seemingly incidental moments that hold so much weight when that important person is gone. Instrumentation is pared right back, with MARLOE’s honeyed, heart-wrenching vocals soaring over atmospheric reverb-drenched guitar. “Shelter / only you” she repeats in the song’s tender, intimate chorus. “I wanted people to be able to listen to it and feel just cozy and warm and safe” she says. 

MARLOE. bursts onto the scene last year with her stunning self-titled EP, which put her singular brand of dazzling electro-pop on the map. The elegant EP - produced by Grammy-nominated producer Matt Bronleewe and including empowering breakthrough single “The Future Is Now” - saw her balance gut-wrenching pop and heavenly electronica in songs of self-determination, liberation and wounded romance. The release saw her likened to emotive electro-pop titans such as Vera Blue and Lorde. 


While MARLOE.’s writing has evolved over the years, what remains constant is a need to exercise her demons and bear witness to the transformation one undergoes throughout their 20s. She takes difficult, altering experiences and extolls the lessons she’s learnt in each and every song. “When I listen back to those songs, it’s a reminder to me how far I've come” she says “I could only hope that other people can listen to them and gain strength from that growth too.”

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